Hyundai vs. Mitsubishi: Which one should you pick?

You’ve been waiting for this moment: the chance to own a brand-new car. What stops you is the question, “which between Hyundai and Mitsubishi is worthy?” Before you head to any Hyundai or Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has these days, compare the two with this guide.

1. Longevity

There are two ways to interpret longevity: the lifespan of the brand and that of the vehicles. First, let’s talk about the brand.

Both have been around for decades with Korea’s Hyundai launching three years ahead than Japan’s Mitsubishi. This also means they are contemporaries.

This is critical information, as you want to buy cars from tried-and-tested companies. These businesses invest heavily in research and development and provide some of the best safety features.

When it comes to the lifespan of the vehicles, experts believe both are reliable as well. Buying a Hyundai Brisbane dealers offer may mean driving it for about 14 years!

Of course, that depends on the maintenance you do. Still, these cars will give you the best value for money as far as longevity is concerned.

2. Design

Asian cars tend to be more practical and aesthetically appealing compared to European vehicles. Between the two, though, Mitsubishi may take the cake for the simple reason that it designs well-made SUVs and crossovers.

You might want to approach Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has, as their vehicles are more ideal for Australia’s rugged and varied landscape. Being big, their SUVs and crossovers also provide enough legroom and more rooms for storage.

It doesn’t mean, however, you should forget about Hyundai. The company is working on a plug-in hybrid car called PassoCorto, and car enthusiasts are already calling it the most beautiful Hyundai they’ve ever seen. Its aesthetics are already comparable to European sports cars.

3. Resale Value

At some point in the future, you may decide to offer your used Hyundai or Mitsubishi to the market. Now, which one will give you more profit?

It’s difficult to answer this straight away, as many factors come into play. These include the miles travelled, warranty, and overall condition of the vehicle.

For the sake of discussion, Mitsubishi may give you a better resale value than Hyundai for now. These days, the market leans on the giants—the big pickups and SUVs.

4. Fuel Economy

Many of the modern cars these days are already fuel-efficient. One of the reasons is they already have turbo-diesel engine technology. It allows for better engine compression. Hyundai dealers Brisbane has can also provide you with fuel-efficient vehicles, especially the hybrid ones.

Mitsubishi Mirage, meanwhile, can travel for around 340 miles before you need to refill despite its small tank.

At the end of the day, what matters is what you need. If you have a growing family or a business, go to Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has and get a crossover. If you are fond of city driving, Hyundai hatchbacks and sedans may be enough.

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