Common symptoms of a faulty car suspension system

Google “Kia service near me” if you your car starts producing unusual movements while driving. Chances are, it’s suffering from suspension problems, which means rougher driving, inefficient control and serious safety risks among other concerns. Note that the suspension system connects your Kia car to its tyres, and is exposed constantly to varying pressures and tensions. Thus, the suspension system naturally wears out and acquires damages that need urgent servicing.



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Notice these signs? Bring your Kia car for suspension repair urgently


Suspension problems need immediate repair by a service centre Kia mechanic because of its role to your Kia car. It keeps your car on the road, while giving proficient control to you. And here are few signs that suspension problems commonly show:


Rough ride


Depending on the car model, a suspension system has shock absorbers or struts to minimize the impact of roads uncertainties to the car. If these parts acquire damage, nothing will absorb the shocks that meet with the wheels. It leads to rougher riding experience even on paved roads. That requires you to get repairs in a reputable Kia services center urgently.


Uneven pressure on corners


Problematic suspension system means nothing is supporting the car weight properly against the tyres. This cause uneven pressure on the corners of your Kia car. And it subsequently results to significantly uneven wearing out of tyre treads. Moreover, you’d notice one corner of the car is quite lower than the rest, even on level ground.


Leaking shock and struts


Shock absorbers and struts contain fluid that makes them function smoothly. If you notice any leaks on such parts, search for “Kia service near me” immediately. It may also appear as oiliness or greasing on your shock absorbers or struts. Such leaks indicate severely damaged parts which require replacement.


Drifting while turning


Problematic suspension system causes certain instability to your car. When you turn, for example, you’d feel drifting sensation against the force of your new direction. This also causes dives or nose dips on full stops. Be sure to get immediate repair when you notice such symptom, since it poses the risk of rollover accidents.


Wheel misalignment


Of course, tyres should point to proper direction as you drive. However, suspension problem can knock it off the alignment, which also increases wearing out of its tread. Yes, it’s easy to realign the tyres, but it’s wise to search “Kia service near me” for suspension check-ups too.


Bouncy car


Decrease of weight support provided by the suspension system results to bouncy car. And you don’t even have to drive your Kia car to feel the bounce. Just press down the front of the car with your whole body weight, then do the same at the back. Cars with suspension problem will continue to bounce more than 3 times after you release it.


Take care of your car’s suspension system for a safety ride. Be sure to bring it in for repair immediately after noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above. That keeps you and your passenger’s safe, while keeping bigger technical damages at bay.


And if you need suspension check-up for your Sportage or other Kia models, visit right away! Get professional help from a reputable Kia Sportage service center in Brisbane.