A 3-step guide to avoid car scammers when buying used cars in Brisbane

Been wanting to get your first car in Brisbane after obtaining your learner’s driving license, but would like to purchase a hand-me-down vehicle? As a young driver, you should know that there are a lot of options Brisbane car yards sell, from new to used cars to pay in installment or cash.]

brisbane car yards

Got your back, mate

In Queensland, it requires learners to have a driving buddy who has a full driver’s license to supervise you on the road. This will have to go on for a 12-month period with a number of restrictions before getting that P plate after your L plate.

Your driving buddy has more experience on the road than you, so you could ask them for a list of trusted Brisbane car yards to visit. While they know almost every ins and outs of car maneuvers, road hand signals, and traffic rules and regulations, it would be very insightful to hear their own opinion on buying second-hand cars.

Learning further

Once you have come up with a list of Brisbane car yards to check out, you can drive to the car dealership with your driving buddy to act as your advisor.

If your driving buddy is busy, you can take a public transportation or call for an Uber to take you to the dealership. However, in appointing for an enquiry about used cars and other car sales, these are some things you should be wary of:

1. Watch out for high interests and hidden charges

Dealers will greet you with a warm welcome and spill the beans about their used cars and discounts from the original prices. If you think its a steal, you should not fall for the trap. Some dealerships offer a vehicle loan with a very high interest—high enough to reach the original selling price of the car—so it’s something you should watch out for.

2. Be very detail-oriented

Being a learner, it is not wrong to dream about having a used Ford Fiesta car for an affordable price. However, when the vehicle has been evidently abused by its owners, like having a broken air conditioner, a leather car sheet that has scratches, or worse, a sputtering sound of the engine when the car is turned on, that is a bad sign. You should turn down the offer because it is a bad deal.

Also, do a little background check about the car. Is it registered? Have it been towed in the past? Was it involved in an accident? Sleuthing for the answers to these questions can save you from having a miserable driving experience for a first-time driver.

3. Avoid sellers who insist to meet in private places

Meeting in private places is a big threat to your safety. As a young driver, you should be very cautious about who to trust. Sellers are most likely strangers, and as your parents say, strangers cannot be trusted especially when they ask to meet in private places.

Crimes have been committed by individuals who prey on the young. It is very important to keep your safety the first priority.

To avoid the risk, search Google “used car dealerships near me” to find trusted dealerships for your car hunting.

Hey, future Brisbane driver

You deserve quality, service, and safety. Visit http://www.scenicmotors.com.au/ for more info.

What to Look for when Hiring HGV Windscreen Repair Professionals

Whenever something causes a chip or crack on your HGV, make sure that you directly consult a windscreen specialist. However, you must be very careful in choosing the right windscreen specialist as there are those who simply do mediocre jobs, and worse, with no guarantee that you can get a back job if your windscreen breaks after the repair or replacement.


Below are the five major things that you must consider when looking for the right HGV windscreen repair company. For more details about windscreen repair and replacement, visit Allscreens Nationwide.

  • Legitimate certification

When looking for a vehicle windscreen repair and replacement shop, you must make sure that their technicians are certified and properly trained specifically for HGV windscreens. If possible, ask how long their technicians been working in the industry.

Make sure that their technicians are just “certified” within their organisation but by a third party certification institute. To ensure that you are given factual information, do a little research about the company to know whether they are indeed certified or not.

  • Materials used for repair and replacement

It is important to note that the materials used for the repair or replacement of your HGV windscreen passed the state’s standard for motor vehicle safety and windscreen installation. The purpose of this is to lessen injury to both driver and passengers caused by impact from glass surfaces. Also, this is to ensure that there is enough transparency in HGV windows and windscreens for driver visibility.

The government has set a standard for the glazing material used in tinted and laminated windscreens and windows. The standards make sure that all windscreen manufacturers, as well as repair and replacement centres, must meet necessary coating tests.

You as a client must make sure that the company you are hiring for HGV replacement windscreens in Birmingham must abide by the set standards to ensure your safety.

  • Proper training on what adhesives to use

Most adhesive makers urge windscreen technicians and specialists to join a product-focused training to be certified on their products. It is because of the fact that adhesives have distinct curing time and usage at certain temperatures. By becoming certified technicians, they will be knowledgeable about this and can assure you that they are using the right adhesives relevant to the environmental conditions.

Summer has a tendency to bring hotter temperatures and higher humidity, which implies quicker curing times for glues. Faster cure time implies quicker safe drive-away times. However, this entails that the technician must be working much quicker when doing a repair or replacement for your HGV windscreen.

On the other hand, adhesives have much slower curing times during the winter, which will entail technicians to follow procedures properly to ensure that windscreen repair or replacement is done accurately and safely. Ensuring that you hire a certified technician and a good HGV cracked windscreen repairs specialist will help you keep your peace of mind.

  • Warranty

Always bear in mind to ask your windscreen specialists of any warranty coverage they can provide for their work before you decide to hire them for a repair or replacement. A warranty gives you the assurance that their job on repairing or replacing your windscreen will be done accurately and properly.

  • Turnaround time

A drive-away time signifies the moment you get your vehicle out of the shop after repair and replacement and safely drive on the road again. The best HGV Windscreen repairs company knows exactly when will be the safe time you can get your HGV back. The minimum drive-away time of an HGV will greatly depend on the type of the adhesives used, and other factors such as temperature, humidity, other environmental factors.

How re-branding paved the way for Citroen’s success

Local rebranding is what makes Citroen cars stand out from the rest. Their brand relaunch that took place earlier this year marked a new chapter in the history of Citroen in Australia.


The company seems to have unlocked the secrets to attract their target market. Let’s take a look at how they made things possible. Below are their cornerstones:

They focused on aesthetics

This brand’s dedication to beauty has led the company to make modifications to suit the ever-changing tastes of its market. Ever since its launch, it has attracted young clients and these clients are getting younger and younger every year. Thanks to the car’s colourful, modern and vibrant image, targetting young professionals has been convenient. It matches the fast-paced lifestyle of modern families.

Design is one factor why consumers buy a car. They want a car that they can proudly show to their friends, colleagues and even family members. They buy cars to make a statement. That is why focusing on aesthetics is never a wrong move for carmakers.

They focused on improvement

Citroen car makers are aware that the preferences of their clients may change without notice. That is why the company has geared toward experimenting new designs and updating its image from time to time. The purpose of rebranding is to provide a different flavour to Citroen enthusiasts and current owners. Many a Citroen dealership Brisbane has these days rotate models and offer streamlined line-up to simplify the buying process.

Rebranding should not only be superficial but should start from the inside-out. Adding modern features goes a long way to ensure a boost in sales. While the price of a used car is easy on your pockets, there’s nothing like modern safety features found in the latest Citroen models these days. Having such peace of mind is priceless.

They focused on parts availability

One of the secrets to a successful dealership is the availability of replacement parts. The right colour and design will not be effective if no genuine replacement parts available. That is why when looking for a Citroen car model, check if the specific model you like has Citroen parts available. This gives you an assurance that a replacement part is available at the dealership in case you need one in the future. Visit Brisbane City Citroen to learn more.

Whether you plan to buy a brand new or used car, always consider the availability of replacement parts. On top of this, look for extended warranties on parts and labour to get the most out of the deal.

They focused on satisfaction

Satisfaction does not only come from buying the right car at the right price and with the right warranty. Satisfaction should also come from positive client experience. That is why reliable Citroen dealers go out of their way to ensure the client experience is top-notch.

To attract younger buyers, a car dealership should only focus on short-term revenue. That is why Citroen targets young families because these are the people who will potentially stay in business with them and will buy their next car from the same company. This means these buyers will buy flashier, bigger and pricier model in the future.

To sum it up

Focusing on aesthetics, improvement, parts availability and satisfaction is the secret to successful car marketing. With these cornerstones, it is safe to say that Citroen car makers and dealers are on the right track. Paying attention to these focal points will definitely make any buyer want to invest their hard-earned money in the latest Citroen model. If you are looking for a dealership you can trust in Brisbane, visit https://brisbanecitycitroen.com.au/ for more details.

Essential details to check in a used car’s history records

Used cars are popular in Brisbane because of their low prices. However, many sellers hide serious technical issues to make a deal favour them. That’s why, only purchase used cars in an accredited Rocklea car yard for the best deals; even so, be sure to check the units’ history. Such document can show important details of a second-hand vehicle, such as technical faults and shady registrations.

rocklea car yard

Clarify these details in a used car’s history

Car history shows past ownership and servicing details of a used unit on sale. It’s important to ask its written form from used car yards in Brisbane before buying. This informs you about problems that even seasoned mechanics cannot spot easily, such as:

Major road accidents

Major accidents cause serious damage to a vehicle. This fact necessitates you to you to do deeper inspection on a unit to make sure it doesn’t hide any significant damage. Such kind of damage poses risk to your safety or leads you to big servicing expenses after purchase.

Flood incident

Water causes serious damage to many parts of a car, such as its electrical, mechanical and lubricant components. That reduces the lifespan of a car, if not damaging it completely. The problem is, many junkyards rebuild flood damaged cars, then sell them at different places to avoid registration issues. Such cars hide problems, only for them to show irreversible issues after few months or years.

To stay away from such shady cars, find a reputable used car sales Brisbane centre. Then, ask for the history of particular unit you’re considering. If the report indicates flood damage, pull down the price through negotiation; better yet, find a different unit.

Number of past owners

A Rocklea car yard in Brisbane also shows about past ownership records of a unit through its documented history. Yes, having multiple past owners doesn’t reflect a car’s condition, but changing ownership frequently is something to think about. This tells about the possibility of different drivers with varying driving style or poor regular servicing. Thus, consider doing deep inspection on the unit for wear and tear.

Servicing records

It’s also important to know about the servicing history of a used unit. This shows the technical problems a unit has acquired before, and how it was serviced. Knowing the servicing centre who has done the repair is also a significant detail, since it shows about the reliability of the servicing the car has got.

Such information also tells about the possible present condition of a unit. Thus, hire an inspector to check such problem or parts specifically before deciding. Knowledge works for your advantage, since a Rocklea car yard in Brisbane would allow favourable negotiation for used cars with such issues.

Choosing a used unit means doing a lot of digging before purchase. And, checking out the car history is one of the most important steps to do it. This leads you to the best used car deal with a favourable price to pay.

Find a reliable car dealership in the city for great deals. If you want a used Citroen in Brisbane, check out Brisbane City Automotive right away! It’s a trusted Citroen dealer Brisbane has today, which also offers other top car brands. For more details, visit at https://brisbanecityautomotive.com.au/.

Common symptoms of a faulty car suspension system

Google “Kia service near me” if you your car starts producing unusual movements while driving. Chances are, it’s suffering from suspension problems, which means rougher driving, inefficient control and serious safety risks among other concerns. Note that the suspension system connects your Kia car to its tyres, and is exposed constantly to varying pressures and tensions. Thus, the suspension system naturally wears out and acquires damages that need urgent servicing.

kia service near me

Notice these signs? Bring your Kia car for suspension repair urgently

Suspension problems need immediate repair by a service centre Kia mechanic because of its role to your Kia car. It keeps your car on the road, while giving proficient control to you. And here are few signs that suspension problems commonly show:

Rough ride

Depending on the car model, a suspension system has shock absorbers or struts to minimize the impact of roads uncertainties to the car. If these parts acquire damage, nothing will absorb the shocks that meet with the wheels. It leads to rougher riding experience even on paved roads. That requires you to get repairs in a reputable Kia services center urgently.

Uneven pressure on corners

Problematic suspension system means nothing is supporting the car weight properly against the tyres. This cause uneven pressure on the corners of your Kia car. And it subsequently results to significantly uneven wearing out of tyre treads. Moreover, you’d notice one corner of the car is quite lower than the rest, even on level ground.

Leaking shock and struts

Shock absorbers and struts contain fluid that makes them function smoothly. If you notice any leaks on such parts, search for “Kia service near me” immediately. It may also appear as oiliness or greasing on your shock absorbers or struts. Such leaks indicate severely damaged parts which require replacement.

Drifting while turning

Problematic suspension system causes certain instability to your car. When you turn, for example, you’d feel drifting sensation against the force of your new direction. This also causes dives or nose dips on full stops. Be sure to get immediate repair when you notice such symptom, since it poses the risk of rollover accidents.

Wheel misalignment

Of course, tyres should point to proper direction as you drive. However, suspension problem can knock it off the alignment, which also increases wearing out of its tread. Yes, it’s easy to realign the tyres, but it’s wise to search “Kia service near me” for suspension check-ups too.

Bouncy car

Decrease of weight support provided by the suspension system results to bouncy car. And you don’t even have to drive your Kia car to feel the bounce. Just press down the front of the car with your whole body weight, then do the same at the back. Cars with suspension problem will continue to bounce more than 3 times after you release it.

Take care of your car’s suspension system for a safety ride. Be sure to bring it in for repair immediately after noticing any of the symptoms mentioned above. That keeps you and your passenger’s safe, while keeping bigger technical damages at bay.

And if you need suspension check-up for your Sportage or other Kia models, visit https://www.toowongkia.com.au/service/ right away! Get professional help from a reputable Kia Sportage service center in Brisbane.

Hyundai vs. Mitsubishi: Which one should you pick?

You’ve been waiting for this moment: the chance to own a brand-new car. What stops you is the question, “which between Hyundai and Mitsubishi is worthy?” Before you head to any Hyundai or Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has these days, compare the two with this guide.

1. Longevity

There are two ways to interpret longevity: the lifespan of the brand and that of the vehicles. First, let’s talk about the brand.

Both have been around for decades with Korea’s Hyundai launching three years ahead than Japan’s Mitsubishi. This also means they are contemporaries.

This is critical information, as you want to buy cars from tried-and-tested companies. These businesses invest heavily in research and development and provide some of the best safety features.

When it comes to the lifespan of the vehicles, experts believe both are reliable as well. Buying a Hyundai Brisbane dealers offer may mean driving it for about 14 years!

Of course, that depends on the maintenance you do. Still, these cars will give you the best value for money as far as longevity is concerned.

2. Design

Asian cars tend to be more practical and aesthetically appealing compared to European vehicles. Between the two, though, Mitsubishi may take the cake for the simple reason that it designs well-made SUVs and crossovers.

You might want to approach Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has, as their vehicles are more ideal for Australia’s rugged and varied landscape. Being big, their SUVs and crossovers also provide enough legroom and more rooms for storage.

It doesn’t mean, however, you should forget about Hyundai. The company is working on a plug-in hybrid car called PassoCorto, and car enthusiasts are already calling it the most beautiful Hyundai they’ve ever seen. Its aesthetics are already comparable to European sports cars.

3. Resale Value

At some point in the future, you may decide to offer your used Hyundai or Mitsubishi to the market. Now, which one will give you more profit?

It’s difficult to answer this straight away, as many factors come into play. These include the miles travelled, warranty, and overall condition of the vehicle.

For the sake of discussion, Mitsubishi may give you a better resale value than Hyundai for now. These days, the market leans on the giants—the big pickups and SUVs.

4. Fuel Economy

Many of the modern cars these days are already fuel-efficient. One of the reasons is they already have turbo-diesel engine technology. It allows for better engine compression. Hyundai dealers Brisbane has can also provide you with fuel-efficient vehicles, especially the hybrid ones.

Mitsubishi Mirage, meanwhile, can travel for around 340 miles before you need to refill despite its small tank.

At the end of the day, what matters is what you need. If you have a growing family or a business, go to Mitsubishi dealers Queensland has and get a crossover. If you are fond of city driving, Hyundai hatchbacks and sedans may be enough.

You can always ask help from professionals, like Scenic Motors. They can advise you on the better vehicle according to your situation. For more details, visit at http://www.scenicmotors.com.au/.

What are the advantages of buying a Mitsubishi car?

The Mitsubishi brand is one of the largest automobile manufacturers not only in Japan, but in the world. The company has been around in the automotive market for a long time and has built their reputation for making some of the most innovative and reliable vehicles today. In fact, one of their car models, the Mitsubishi Lancer, was awarded by Warranty Direct in 2012 as the most reliable car since 1997. Also, consumers who buy from Mitsubishi dealers commend their vehicles for their durability.

mitsubishi dealers

However, since the automobile industry is very competitive, you might probably wonder if Mitsubishi is the best choice of car brand for you. To help you decide, here’s a list of the advantages that you can enjoy from buying a car from authorised Mitsubishi dealers.

Trusted brand with its rooted history

The Mitsubishi brand has been around in the automobile industry since 1917. They already established a reputation for being a trustworthy vehicle manufacturer that never disappoints when it comes to car innovation. This is one of the reasons why some customers still go back to their previous Mitsubishi dealer every time they needed a new car. After all, Japanese automakers, including Mitsubishi, are known for producing good-quality makes and models.

Excellent warranty policy

When you buy a car from authorised Mitsubishi dealers, you will also be given a very generous warranty policy. Typically, they will offer you a 5-year per 60,000-mile new vehicle limited warranty and a 10-year per 100,000-mile warranty.

You will also have roadside assistance for the next five years after your car’s purchase. This is Mitsubishi’s way of proving to their customers that they are out for a long haul and not only during the initial sale.

Top-notch engineering

The Mitsubishi models are built with some of the best engines today and superb features. One example of these features is the all-wheel control feature that monitors the road and transfers the power to the wheels where most traction occurs.

Also, Mitsubishi has models that are good for bumpy roads and has a solid foundation. This includes the Mitsubishi Triton, which has an autonomous emergency braking system as well as rear bumper and parking sensors. And, even with its great features, they are sold at reasonable prices. For example, when you look for Triton deals, you would find a manual Mitsubishi Triton GLX with single cab at a price range of $22,000 to $23,500.

Affordable and easy to maintain

There are a lot of Mitsubishi models that are affordable for your pocket and have the same quality as the high-end models. These include Mitsubishi ASX, Mirage, Outlander, and Eclipse Cross. The market prices of these cars only range from $13,000 to $30,000.

Also, Mitsubishi vehicles are known for their excellent gas mileage, especially the Mirage, which allows you to save more money on gas. And, if they got damaged and needed some small maintenance, you don’t have to worry because the Mitsubishi spare parts are not that expensive and are available at almost every Mitsubishi dealership.

To find great deals on Mitsubishi vehicles, visit https://www.toowongmitsubishi.com.au/

4 tips on how to choose the right car for you

When you are looking for a new car for you or your family, you can check out Mitsubishi dealers near you. Mitsubishi Brisbane dealers have a great selection of the latest Mitsubishi cars that can fit your lifestyle, your family’s needs or your budget. If you are unsure of what car model you need, sales assistants are more than willing to help you decide on choosing a car.

mitsubishi brisbane dealers

Why buy a Mitsubishi car?

There are several car brands today, but Mitsubishi is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to car manufacturing. The Mitsubishi company started as a ship manufacturing company in 1870 and ventured into creating car models. Its first car was released way back in 1917, but it was only in 1960 when they mass-produced cars in Japan. Mitsubishi’s long history in car making made them into one of the most trusted car company.

How to choose the right Mitsubishi car?

There are changes in your life that require you to update your car. These life changes include an expanding family, a new hobby or interest, and many others. So before you start searching for Mitsubishi near me on your search bar, read these tips on how to choose the right and perfect car for you:

1. Size

When you have an expanding family, you will need a car that can accommodate all of your family members. A family of 7 can fit comfortably in the new Mitsubishi Pajero or in a Mitsubishi Montero. Mitsubishi Outlander can accommodate a smaller family. If it is just you, then a smaller car such as Mitsubishi Mirage will suit your needs.

2. Fuel efficiency

If you are tired of spending a lot of money on fuel, then you may want to consider a fuel-efficient car. Mitsubishi Brisbane dealers can help you find a fuel-efficient car. Usually, a small car like the Mitsubishi Mirage is more fuel-efficient than SUVs such as the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport.

3. Budget

Having a lot of cash alone can be a reason for you to enjoy the luxury a brand new car can offer. Now, if your budget is limited, make sure that you stick to it when choosing a car. There are several payment options Mitsubishi City can offer you.

Also, you can always opt for used cars that are still in perfect condition. Just remember to only buy used cars from trusted and reliable car dealers. Check it out at Brisbane City Mitsubishi

4. Road conditions

It is not a problem if you intend to use a car for city driving, however, if you are always on the go and loves adventures, then choose a car that is ideal for rough roads. Off-road capable cars such as the Mitsubishi Outlander have big tyres that enable them to go through rough terrain.

Before going to the nearest Mitsubishi Brisbane dealers near you, it is best that you make your research first. Read about the different reviews and features of the car that you are interested in. If you have finally decided on what car model you would buy, please visit https://brisbanecitymitsubishi.com.au/.

Avoiding pitfalls in buying demo Skoda cars today

Any Skoda demo sale seems enticing for buyers because of its relatively lower price than brand new units. It has lesser mileage than used cars as well and it boasts better condition because of the professional servicing it underwent at the dealership. Although, some dealers do not offer the best value for demo units on sale. Such deals have certain pitfalls which buyers like you should avoid.

Considerable cons in buying demo Skoda cars and how to avoid them

Searching for a Skoda demo sale in Brisbane? Watch out for these pitfalls and know how to avoid them before you purchase a unit:

Huge mileage and faulty parts

Some dealership centres used their demo cars a lot for company purposes. They may have used it for test-driving, as temporary replacement vehicles, and as transportation for the managers and salesmen. Such usage might make a unit accumulate more mileage as well as the eventual wear and tear of parts.

To deal with such cons, be sure to ask a written vehicle history of a Brisbane City Skoda demo unit. This shows if the dealership has used a particular unit, which can also reflect its degree of wear and tear.

Moreover, consider hiring a professional car inspector to help in checking up a demo car. This helps in spotting technical issues within the car, so you can negotiate for a lower price or find another demo unit.

Accumulated warranty

Many dealerships in Queensland reduce the warranty of a car according to its length of service in the company. If a demo car has served as a replacement vehicle for 18 months, for example, some dealers reduce its warranty deal by the same period or more. That’s a significant decrease in the value of a car deal!

Thus, find a demo Skoda QLD offer that comes with full warranty coverage. Such offers are available in accredited Skoda dealers all over Queensland. If you cannot find any, negotiate for a lower price with the dealer.

Unreasonable price

It might be obvious but you should shy away from demo Skoda units with unreasonably high prices. Remember that a brand new car loses around 10% of its value upon driving off the lot. Thus, search for the brand new price of a model, then compare it with the demo price.

If you notice a small difference between the two price rates, feel free to negotiate with the dealer. Dealers want to sell a Skoda demo sale immediately, which can push them to close the deal on a more favourable price. On the other hand, if they won’t drop the price to a reasonable level, consider finding another demo car or a different dealership. You can also consider buying a brand new car to get the most value out of your cash.

Yes, there are few pitfalls in buying a demo Skoda car. However, you can surely avoid them for a wonderful purchase. Just start by finding an accredited Skoda dealer and then consider the points above as you find the best car deal.

And if you’re looking for a reputable dealer in Brisbane, check out BrisbaneCitySkoda.com.au today. They offer fascinating deals of demo Skoda Brisbane North units, giving the best value for your cash.