Beauty Blogging: How to Get Started

When you visit YouTube, you can find thousands of beauty vloggers that offer makeup tutorial showcasing different makeup looks and products. Hence, these are great resources that can be used by anyone that is looking to learn a few makeup or beauty techniques. If, however, you are on the other end of the spectrum and would like to start your own beauty blog, it is easier than you think.

beauty blog

beauty blog

Before you record your video to do a Dorothy makeup tutorial, take note of essential things you need to sort out for your beauty blog:


Even though all beauty and makeup blogs look similar, there are several niches that you can explore. For instance, you can focus solely on doing makeup tutorials and reviews of makeup products. Or, you can also inject beauty or lifestyle posts from time to time. Or, you can dedicate your blog to showcasing eco-friendly or ethical makeup companies, especially if you want more people to know about these companies.

You have to determine what specific area about beauty and makeup that you enjoy or are most passionate about. This will enable you to stand out from a market that is saturated with thousands of other bloggers. If you can create a unique viewpoint and offer something different from the rest, then you can carve your own niche in the industry.

Name and Brand

Once you have figured out your niche, the next big step is to choose your blog name and brand. These two aspects should come together at all times. As soon as you choose a name for the blog, you also determine the branding and the kind of image you wish to project. In addition to narrowing down on the topics that you wish to tackle on your blog, your brand will also carve your identity. Make sure to give a lot of thought into your blog name and brand.

Products and Equipment

These are the next big considerations for your beauty and makeup blog. You should be able to have sufficient amount of products to feature on the website. For example, you can do a review of the fullips lip plumper or fullips lip enhancer products. You have to either shoot a video or take photos of the product (such as packaging and when product is used). Make sure you have a camera that you can use to product high quality photos of the products. You have to keep in mind that while content is important you need visual images since they are more compelling.

When doing a review of the product, it is important to disclose to your readers if a product is sponsored or purchased by you. This will support the integrity of your review. After all, most readers would suspect you will be compelled to write a positive review for a product given for free.

If you need more tips or products to feature in your own beauty blog, visit This is an all-in-one stop wherein you can discover about new beauty products and shop for them, too.

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