Avoiding pitfalls in buying demo Skoda cars today

Any Skoda demo sale seems enticing for buyers because of its relatively lower price than brand new units. It has lesser mileage than used cars as well and it boasts better condition because of the professional servicing it underwent at the dealership. Although, some dealers do not offer the best value for demo units on sale. Such deals have certain pitfalls which buyers like you should avoid.

Considerable cons in buying demo Skoda cars and how to avoid them

Searching for a Skoda demo sale in Brisbane? Watch out for these pitfalls and know how to avoid them before you purchase a unit:

Huge mileage and faulty parts

Some dealership centres used their demo cars a lot for company purposes. They may have used it for test-driving, as temporary replacement vehicles, and as transportation for the managers and salesmen. Such usage might make a unit accumulate more mileage as well as the eventual wear and tear of parts.

To deal with such cons, be sure to ask a written vehicle history of a Brisbane City Skoda demo unit. This shows if the dealership has used a particular unit, which can also reflect its degree of wear and tear.

Moreover, consider hiring a professional car inspector to help in checking up a demo car. This helps in spotting technical issues within the car, so you can negotiate for a lower price or find another demo unit.

Accumulated warranty

Many dealerships in Queensland reduce the warranty of a car according to its length of service in the company. If a demo car has served as a replacement vehicle for 18 months, for example, some dealers reduce its warranty deal by the same period or more. That’s a significant decrease in the value of a car deal!

Thus, find a demo Skoda QLD offer that comes with full warranty coverage. Such offers are available in accredited Skoda dealers all over Queensland. If you cannot find any, negotiate for a lower price with the dealer.

Unreasonable price

It might be obvious but you should shy away from demo Skoda units with unreasonably high prices. Remember that a brand new car loses around 10% of its value upon driving off the lot. Thus, search for the brand new price of a model, then compare it with the demo price.

If you notice a small difference between the two price rates, feel free to negotiate with the dealer. Dealers want to sell a Skoda demo sale immediately, which can push them to close the deal on a more favourable price. On the other hand, if they won’t drop the price to a reasonable level, consider finding another demo car or a different dealership. You can also consider buying a brand new car to get the most value out of your cash.

Yes, there are few pitfalls in buying a demo Skoda car. However, you can surely avoid them for a wonderful purchase. Just start by finding an accredited Skoda dealer and then consider the points above as you find the best car deal.

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